In this tutorial, we are describing step by step how to run our WooCommerce App Template in order to launch your own WooCommerce Native app for your WordPress e-commerce store today. Our app template is written in Swift, which is the iOS programming language of choice. It automatically connects to any WooCommerce store, listing products, categories, and taking orders, which will show up in your WooCommerce dashboard.

On a high-level, here are the steps that we need to follow in order to get the app ready:

  1. Run the iOS app template in Xcode
  2. Modify the URL to point to your WooCommerce website
  3. Enable Firebase Auth to manage your mobile customers
  4. Set up your own Stripe accounts to accept payments
  5. (Optional) Customize colors, branding elements, featured categories, etc.
  6. Submit your app to the App Store