Personal License

When you purchase an item from us, you are actually purchasing a license to use that item. In order to understand our licenses, please read the following details. We kept our licensing details as simple as we can, but if you still have questions for us please contact us.

Use of an item is bound by the license you purchase. A license grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to use and incorporate the item in your personal or commercial projects. agrees in writing that customer’s license can be transferable in the event of a sale of the entire company or the purchase of the company’s intellectual property assets.

  • The Personal License grants you, the purchaser, an ongoing, non-exclusive, worldwide license to make use of the digital work (Item) you have selected. Read the rest of this license for the details that apply to your use of the Item.
  • Your use of the Item is restricted to a single deployment (one iOS app on the App Store).
  • You may use the Item in work which you are creating for your own purposes or for one of your clients.
  • In case you are creating an end product for a client, with an item purchased from us, once you transfer the end product to the client (that is, giving them the source files for the item) you are required to entirely delete the item itself from your computer.
  • The source code may not be redistributed or resold. Though, the compiled app can be distributed on the App Store.
  • If the item contains licensed components, those components must only be used within the item and you must not extract and use them on a stand-alone basis.
  • You can modify or manipulate the purchased item. You can combine the item with other works and make a derivative work from it. The resulting works are subject to all the terms of this license.

Multiple Licenses

In case you wish to release more than one end product to the App Store, you can either purchase the same template multiple times (one purchase per each end product) or you can contact us for a custom deal.