How to implement an RSS Feed Parser in Swift

While working on a brand new iOS app template for WordPress sites, we encountered the problem of writing an RSS Feed Parser in Swift. It turns out there’s a straightforward approach to parsing a WordPress RSS Feed in Swift 3, so we thought to share this on our blog, hoping this will come in handy Continue reading

Auto Layout: Should you use Interface Builder for building your iOS app?

By introducing Auto Layout, Apple made a lot of progress in their attempt to help iOS developers in building their iOS app’s user interfaces. The Interface Builder got a lot better, the Auto Layout was integrated into it, and more recently UIStackViews are gaining a lot of traction and popularity. Having many different approaches of Continue reading

How to find side project ideas as a software engineer

Good software engineers are continuously looking for new side project ideas. Working on side projects has wonderful benefits, in terms of personal development, and can potentially become financial assets, if they really take off. But sometimes, it’s not that easy to find project ideas, tailored to your needs and hobbies, so the research process takes Continue reading