For tech entrepreneurs, who own online businesses about news, building a news reader iOS app has never been more rewarding, in terms of growing and retaining their audiences. Empowering your readers with a mobile app for their favorite news website is powerful. It’s hard to imagine a better way of increasing user retention. On top of that, with the latest tools that are available for building mobile apps, creating a presence in the App Store has never had a greater return on investment.

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Why should you create a News Reader iOS app for your news website?

If you’re not convinced that this is an excellent idea, imagine the following scenario. Most of your readers consume the news on your website from their mobile phone. In order to reach those articles, your users need to open their favorite browser, type in your website’s address (image how annoying is that on a small screen) and then they’re able to load your website, which most likely is optimized only for desktop web. This would result in a lot of frustration for your visitors, especially if there are responsiveness issues with your pages. This process is overwhelming and many users will just give up. Now, compare this flow with opening an app. No brainer, right?

On top of that, let’s assume that you’ve just posted some breaking news and you want to let your audience know about it. You probably send a newsletter email, which will be read by your visitors after quite a long time. By the time they get to your email (if they ever do), your article might even be outdated. Now, if you have a mobile app, you could just send them a push notification, announcing the newly posted amazing article. Fast and handy, right?

In case you’re still not convinced that having a news reader iOS app will add sustainable growth to your online business, what if I tell you that your competition will take advantage of the mobile channel to steal market share in your niche? A technology business needs to stay competitive all the time, in order to guarantee long lasting success, and we all know it: Mobile is the present and the future.

How to create a news reader iOS app

There are multiple approaches to this problem, so we’ll briefly describe each alternative.

The old school approach would be to hire a designer and an iOS developer. This will be very expensive, as you can imagine. Software engineers and designers are very rare (especially the talented ones) and their hourly rate is very expensive. You might end up paying more than $3000 to get the news reader iOS app from idea to App Store.

Rather than paying people to reinvent the wheel, you could just use one of our iOS templates for news reading. You basically buy the source code with a very low price, make a few further customizations (described in our detailed documentation) to wire up the theme to your news website and publish it to the App Store. You’ll have your app in less than an hour, with insignificant costs. Pretty awesome, especially if you are an online business owner that is not 100% sure that having a news reader iOS app is worth it, and would like to only experiment with the idea first.

Another option is to code it yourself if you are a developer. This will take more of your time (at least a few weeks), but it’s probably the most fun thing to do. You’ll get to learn Swift, iOS development and some backend pieces as well (REST API, JSON, etc). In case you go this route, check out our blog post about designing a news reader app.

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